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Our favorite Starling City residents are reeling in tonight’s episode of Arrow.

Following the death of Moira in the last new episode, Team Arrow is down for the count in a major way and, according to Paul Blackthorne, experiencing, “a little bit of a shock to the system.” “Lance and Moira obviously weren’t bosom buddies, but there was some respect and their relationship was warming up in recent months,” says the actor. “And, obviously, the effect it has on this daughter — particularly Laurel — is huge for Lance. It’s a sad moment.”

But even in the group’s grief, there’s a major threat to be dealt with, as Slade Wilson is on the run. And while Oliver certainly has his sights set on his nemesis, Det. Lance is on a slightly different — but, unbeknownst to him, related — trail. “Laurel approaches Lance with this news that she thinks Sebastian Blood is involved with it, and sort of painting him as a bad guy — just as she did a few months ago when she was all doo-daddley on the drugs and the drink,” he says. “So for Lance to sort of have faith in her again is a bit of a leap for him, but considering where they’re both at right now between the two of them, she’s in a much cleaner purer, better state than before, he can just sense there’s something going on here and she’s on to it.”

And as the pieces of that evil puzzle come together in the final episodes of the season, Blackthorne says there’s a lot to look forward to in the finale itself, which, as EW reported earlier this week, will feature a big return. “There’s an interesting turn in the relationship between the police department in general and Arrow with Lance as the catalyst in between,” he says. “We all realize there’s a threat in the city and we’re all in this together and we’ve all got to deal with it together.”

In an unrelated (or slightly related) matter, EW asked Blackthorne to play the inaugural game of something we like to call “Laurel or Sara?” — something as simple as it sounds. One scenario. Two daughters. One choice. And he was up for the challenge! Read below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Scenario: You’re arrested again. Which daughter would you call first?

PAUL BLACKTHORNE: Without a doubt Laurel because she has a pretty good track record of getting me out of sticky situations. So with the track record she’s got, Laurel all the way.

Helena escapes custody. Who would you call?

I think I have to say Sara on that one. With the way in which Helena operates, I think Sara would be more [able] to deal with her on a physical front.

You get to invite one person with you to grab a free burger at Big Belly Burger. Who’s going?



Lance’s got interesting thoughts on Felicity and again, neurotic as ever, but I think Lance would secretly love to sit down and have a burger with Felicity and get to the bottom of who that girl is. But with respect to the game we’re playing, sitting down with Laurel or Sara for a burger? Absolutely, without a doubt, it would have to be both of them. I refuse to make a choice. I’m taking both of my girls to dinner.

Who would you trust to be your matchmaker?

Laurel. [laughs] Again, she’s got some track record on that, hasn’t she? She’s the one who did accommodate the ill-fated dinner with Dinah that one time. She was the one who understand why Lance wanted to give that a go. She got that together. She did a bit of matchmaking on that occasion. So she’s got the history and the track record.

Last one: Who would you want dating Oliver Queen?

No one with the surname Lance.


Having said that, he’s improved in Lance’s mind. Lance has definitely warmed to him somewhat over the last year. And if one of his daughters decided to do that, he’d understand. He’s respect that. But preferably, let’s just find someone else, shall we?

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