Mikael Mikaelson. Believe it or not, that man’s name is not my favorite thing about him. Honestly, I would watch a Mikael Mikaelson spin-off in which he just walked around threatening people all day. That’s how much I love him. And I have to say, Mikael’s greatness aside, I thought this episode was an improvement from the last few weeks. This show is back on its game, and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come in the final two episodes. Also, ELIJAH AND HAYLEY FINALLY KISSED, so you know we’re going to talk about that! Let’s dig in!

We started with what looked like Kieran’s funeral but what turned out to be Klaus’ nightmare. To be fair, it began as a normal dream that involved an adorable baby — I really hope that is what their child looks like — before Mikael showed up with the white oak stake in hand/in Klaus’ chest. Klaus woke up suddenly, but he didn’t need Cami’s help analyzing his dream. He figured that his fear of fatherhood was manifesting itself in his dreams. And Klaus’ fear of fatherhood immediately took him back to the day that he granted Marcel his freedom as a young slave. In a flashback, we finally met Marcel’s owner, who also happened to be the world’s second worst father. Or maybe he ties with Mikael, especially considering how we later found out that he was the one who shot and killed human Marcel. I wonder if Marcel’s father was friends with Giuseppe Salvatore? Perhaps they were in a “It’s OK to shoot your sons if they hang out with vampires” club? Stranger things have happened.

At Kieran’s wake, Francesca accosted Cami about the key, which she mentioned to Marcel. Long story short, the key leads to something that can be used against the supernatural if they get out of line, but Marcel had no idea what it went to. But at Kieran’s funeral, Cami realized why her uncle decided to have Sean buried away from all the other family members. It was the perfect hiding place. In Sean’s grave, they found a box with a code carved into it. Cami could read it, but she wouldn’t tell Marcel. If this had been Sean’s responsibility, then it was now hers.

Elsewhere at the wake, Klaus was in a “spectacularly foul mood,” as Elijah put it. He wanted Hayley to return home, and he couldn’t help but raise his glass to Mikael for his “impeccable Freudian timing.” But when Elijah admitted he had visions of Mikael too, they both looked to illusive unknown enemy number one: Genevieve. Despite the brothers teaming up on her, the ginger witch claimed to know nothing. And thanks to a call Klaus put in to Bonnie Bennett, he found out that the other side was disintegrating. So basically, this was Mikael’s last form of torment before his permanent extinction. Parenting 101: Scar your kids while you have the chance!

With the boys off finding out about their daddy issues, Hayley went to threaten Francesca about attacking the wolves, which of course she denied. Then, Monique lurked around some tree with a voodoo doll of Hayley? Good lord, that child gets creepier every episode. However, it all disappeared the next day at Kieran’s funeral, when Klaus, Elijah and Hayley had one of my favorite interactions ever. Hayley was “100 months pregnant and pissed off at the world,” and Klaus was unsuccessfully trying to convince her to move home. Elijah’s advice? “Fewer references to murder.”

Sadly, this was all interrupted when the voodoo doll finally came into play and Hayley coughed up blood and stopped breathing. The brothers panicked as Genevieve worked on her, but Hayley had the worst of it: She was stuck (sort of) on the other side with Mikael. Although, I will say that watching her kick his ass made me like her more. Spoiler: She survived. And the only other thing I’ll say about this scene was I was sad they changed a line from the promo. Originally, Klaus said, “I won’t lose that baby,” and Elijah said, “I won’t lose that girl.” In the episode, Elijah changed to say, “I won’t lose either of them.” That didn’t make my heart flutter nearly as much, guys.

Although, the next scene did. After Hayley agreed to move back, Klaus showed her the slightly Addams family-esque nursery he’d prepared for the baby. He told her that he wanted their daughter to be raised by both her parents in a family home. As she put it, “Me, you, Elijah, and a miracle baby all under one roof? Sounds like a bad reality show.” But it’s one I’m going to watch, Hayley. With pleasure. And Hayley’s moment realizing Klaus is nothing like how Mikael described him? Priceless.

However, it wasn’t nearly as priceless as Hayley’s next Original brother encounter. In my Elijah look of the week, the eldest Original sibling went to Hayley with tears in his eyes — UGH — to say that, in 1,000 years, he’d never been more frightened than when he almost lost her today. It was a very “you almost died today” moment, and I loved it. As did Hayley, who grabbed Elijah and kissed the heck out of him. And you know what? I can’t, and I WON’T blame a girl for going after him after all this time. Is it just me, or is Hayley becoming more likable the more pregnant she gets?

In witch land, Genevieve and Elijah talked about making Hayley a moonlight ring before Genevieve yelled at Monique for her voodoo doll. She explained that the baby needed to be consecrated, so it needed to be born first. Just saying the words freaked Genevieve out, so she went to the cemetery to ask that she not be forced to kill a baby. But let’s just say the ancestors’ response was the opposite of subtle: Blood starting pouring out of Genevieve’s eyes before she was thrown into a few tomb stones. Fine, she’ll do it. Geez.

In our last father-son moment, Klaus went to Marcel to say that he hoped he didn’t fail him, war or no war. Marcel said he hadn’t. He taught him everything, and he taught him that he can’t afford to be weak when his enemies are strong, which is why Marcel is prepared to fight and die for his people and his city. Proud papa Klaus responded: “I would expect nothing less.”

But don’t think you’ve seen the last of Mikael! He appeared once more to Davina, who asked, “Who are you?” And despite the fact that I desperately wanted Mikael to say, “Whoever you want me to be,” he explained that he was Klaus’ father. You know Klaus, right? The one who killed Tim? OK, cool. (P.S. Tim’s found peace.) Mikael knows how to rid the world of Klaus, and all he needs is for Davina to bring him back to life. My reaction: Do it! I said it before: Mikael Mikaelson spinoff. Or we could rename the show: Mikael Mikaelson and all the other Mikaelsons. Thoughts?

And, just because I love you, a bonus Elijah look of the week. I call this one, “The face I want at my funeral (but really wedding)”:


What did you all think of the episode? Do you agree this show is back on track? What’s next for this big war? And do you want more Mikael? Sound off in the comments below!


“Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, Niklaus: Denial, rage, and hoarding coffins in basements.” -Elijah to Klaus

“Of course, how foolish of me. It must’ve been that other witch that’s been parading throughout our house in scraps of lace.” -Elijah to Genevieve

“I know how talented you are with your tongue, Genevieve, might I recommend you use it to provide answers?” -Klaus to Genevieve

“If I died and someone threw a party, I would be so pissed.” -Hayley

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