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Fans, your cries of “I do want to see that!” been heard—The Comeback is (reportedly) getting its comeback!

E! reports that HBO has ordered a six-episode revival of The Comeback, the short-lived 2005 series starring Lisa Kudrow as a washed up sitcom star desperate for another shot at fame. Sex and the City and 2 Broke Girls guru Michael Patrick King, who co-created the show with Kudrow, will ostensibly return to oversee the limited run, which could potentially be picked up to a full series if the first six episodes perform well. (You may remember that back in February, EW chatted with King about the future of the series.)

HBO would not confirm news of the revival to EW — but according to E!, the plot would pick up almost a decade after the events of the first season, which involved faded actress Valerie Cherish (Kudrow) balancing an increasingly humiliating supporting sitcom role with a reality show chronicling her return to network television.

So here’s where you come in. What “fresh hell” would Valerie Cherish be up to in 2014? This fame-hungry star was always eager to cling to the spotlight, and there’s no lack of viable options for her to do so in 2014. Here are just some opportunities we’d like to see her attempt:

Dancing with the Stars: Partnered with an alcoholic professional dancer, Valerie is the first star eliminated after a much-touted run. (Update: Yes, we know there’s a DVD extra that shows Valerie on DWTS — but that’s what all-star seasons are for!)

The View: Valerie is blasted for accidentally getting into a racially-charged fight with a caller on Watch What Happens Live.

Twitter: Valerie struggles to gain followers after persistent hackers continually assault her account.

Cupcake Wars: Valerie has an allergic reaction during a guest appearance on the judging panel.

Tumblr: An embarrassing photo of Valerie being rejected from the Chateau Marmont becomes an unfortunate meme on the Tumblr/Reddit circuit.

Real Housewives: Need I explain?

Your turn!

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