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The Mindy Project Girl Next Door
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Mindy Lahiri — a woman who clearly’s watched a lot of Sex and the City — apparently hasn’t watched enough of Carrie Bradshaw, because it took her nearly till the end of last night’s episode to realize Danny is totally in love with her. Yes, that’s after the two of them went apartment shopping together, and after Danny had a totally-crazy-stick-with-me-here-what-if-you-just-moved-into-my-building-into-the-apartment-next-door-to-mine-idea. This basically happened with Carrie and Aiden! He bought the apartment next door and it did not work out.

I know the two situations aren’t totally parallel, but I’m a little rom-com crazy right now. Danny loves Mindy! Danny tried to kiss Mindy! Mindy stood up for herself! Three cheers for Mindy, but, you know, maybe kiss him back by next week. Tim Daly is cute and all, but Danny is willing to eat hundreds of pistachios in order to prevent her from having a chance at hooking up with another guy. That’s true love.

It all started when Charlie witnessed a drugged-up Mindy on the streets of New York. (There’s a little Liz Lemon in us all!) Back at her apartment, he got rid of a spider and helped her out with some other home improvement projects. Since my plan, like Mindy’s, in a problematic home situation is to “count to 10 and wait for death’s embrace,” I absolutely understand why she would be charmed by the officer, even as he scolded her for relying on a man. However, Charlie wasn’t the only charming guy in her life at the moment. Danny was just re-entering the romantic picture, and he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Led by Danny’s totally random and not at all planned out idea, Mindy moved in next door to him for a few days to see if the two exes could really deal with being friends and neighbors. Danny is all-in: He’s picking up stuff from Target for Mindy and inviting her over for a casual movie viewing on the couch. Easy there, Tom Hanks circa You’ve Got Mail.

The next day at work, Peter explained just how dumb their “just friends!” neighbors plan really is: “You are not his friend. He tries to keep tabs on you,” Peter said. With that in mind, Mindy invited Charlie over that evening — and made sure to leave both of their shoes outside her apartment, where Danny will be sure to see them. Naturally, he does, and faster than you can say that Pope Francis is too chill, Danny was bursting into Mindy’s apartment ready to make Charlie feel as unwelcome as he felt toward the end of Shabbat dinner last week. Too bad Charlie’s sauce is so good, because he clearly had to go.

Meanwhile, Peter had a little bit of a George Clooney situation this week. (Seriously, I know the writers couldn’t have planned it, but the Clooney engagement news was the perfect backdrop to watch this plotline unfold.) Peter — deciding he might, maybe, kind of be done with the bimbos he normally dates — hit things off with one of Jeremy’s chums, but because of the the fact that Lauren (played by Mindy Project writer Tracey Wigfield) is a neurosurgeon and had a baby, Peter was at first intimidated and then realized smart chicks totally rule. Only problem? Someone as together as Lauren clearly could see that Peter might have some issues. But when Peter showed up at her place of work (Reminder: Only cute on television/movies!), she agreed to give the persistent dude another chance. Important side note: How concerned should I be that I thought Peter’s dumb trick with a knife and a napkin was funny? Uh-oh.

Obviously the best part of the episode was the convo between Mindy and Danny before her date with Charlie. After showing up to “borrow her detergent,” Mindy informed Danny she couldn’t stay and chat; she had another date: She and Charlie were going to watch a meteor shower. Danny did not like that one bit. “You don’t even like that stuff,” he said. “Well, people change, Danny.” They certainly do — with that response, Danny just walked up to her and attempted to kiss her. (Interrupting this recap for a very special update: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Well, Mindy did not like that. (I mean, she probably kind of did.) But she was also rightly offended and gave him a speech about how he only wanted her when he couldn’t have her, and that from now on, she got to decide what their relationship will be. This feeling viewers are having right now is the reaction The Other Woman was aiming for. Danny’s response to that empowering speech: “Well, I was just joking.” “No, you weren’t.”

The two are clearly right on the precipise of dating (the season finale is next week), but I’m glad this chat happened; make Danny work for it a little bit after jerking her heart around the last couple months. If their relationship is indeed where the show is going, I’ll also be sad to see Charlie go — sense of humor about pot or not.

Special sauce of the week:

-Mindy on the sax.

“You’re a killer! I knew it; you’re too handsome. You’re like Ted Bundy.”

“I’m no feminist, but I printed off enough Jezebel articles to know that’s not cool.” <–You lost me at the first part, Tim Daly.

Important: Danny may have attended Suze Orman’s seminar Get Over Him and Get Rich, Girlfriend, but there were plenty of guys there

“It’s making me rethink that whole book-learning for women thing.”

“A mom can’t neg a normal.”

“My Fifty Shades of Grey credit card number is…” [click]

“Hello. I’m the Zodiac killer. I want to turn myself in.”

“It’ll be like Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson. Except the only time I wear overalls is when I’m on my period. [Danny walks away] You’re a gynecologist, Danny! I menstruate!”

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