By Jake Perlman
Updated April 28, 2014 at 07:32 PM EDT
Jessica Biel
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Bravo to creativity!

After announcing a slate of new shows earlier this month, as well as a new scripted mystery drama produced by Jennifer Garner in development, the cable network announced five more unscripted original programs in development including a choose-your-own-adventure reality series and a new take on couples therapy, produced by Jessica Biel.

“Bravo is constantly developing projects to find the next big hit that resonates with our pop culture enthusiasts,” said Lara Spotts, Senior Vice President of Development for Bravo Media. “From the resurgence of the fitness class craze to the raging debate around the word #bossy to an explosion of wealth in a totally unexpected location, our new development slate taps into the latest trends in today’s zeitgeist.”

Bravo has already tapped into the fitness world with Jackie Warner’s Work Out and the recent Toned Up, so that’s nothing incredibly new. But after exploring the many cities of Housewives, it is apparently North Dakota’s turn in the spotlight. I didn’t think this day would come either. Check out more info about the five series in development below:

Crowd Control

Through social media, a “host” lets the audience make every decision for him, from what to eat and who to date, in this choose-your-own-adventure style series.


Luckily, the show follows a group of powerful female CEOs in a men-driven world, and not female vampires as the title may trick you to believe.

The Fit Club

A look into the ultra-competitive world of fitness training in New York City.

Last Chance

Jessica Biel is one of the executive producers in this relationship experiment as one couple gets the ultimate opportunity and 30 days to try and make things right.

Why Not, Minot?

People from around the country are moving to Minot, North Dakota for a modern day Gold Rush, so why not a reality show about it?