Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s 2013 debut album Yours Truly was a frustrating one — she clearly has the chops to make waves in the pop world, but it was deeply unclear who she really was as an artist. Perhaps she’s doing some soul-searching, because her new single “Problem,” which just dropped today, is a dramatic reinvention.

The idea that Grande was collaborating with bad girl du jour Iggy Azalea prompted all kinds of speculation, and the result is more or less what everybody expected: Grande’s enviable pipes are still the centerpiece, but she also invites a sax-drunk loop, sexy whisper tracks, and Azalea’s Jay Z-referencing high -peed verse to the party as well.

“Problem” is the first single from Grande’s forthcoming second album, which at the moment has neither a title nor a release date. Meanwhile, Azalea should be popping some champagne this week, as her long-awaited debut full-length The New Classic is on track for a top five debut on this week’s Billboard 200, and her Charli XCX-assisted track “Fancy” just hit number one on Billboard‘s Rap Songs Chart. With that kind of success, she may be a few steps closer to owning the chicken franchise she’s always wanted.