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This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries came to a dramatic end when Stefan (Paul Wesley) found the decision to kill [spoiler] taken swiftly out of his hands. Major spoilers ahead for season 5, episode 19, “Man On Fire” — proceed with caution!

We may have seen Enzo (Michael Malarkey) seemingly pass over to the other side after he forced Stefan to rip out his heart, but executive producer Caroline Dries says Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) bestie is far from gone. According to Dries, the sole purpose of seeing Enzo’s ghost in the scene at the end where Stefan and Damon are enjoying a drink by the fire was to let the fans know he’ll be sticking around for a while.

“His story isn’t over — he’s going to become kind of this ghost villain moving forward and we’ll see him all the way through the finale as the bad guy,” divulged Dries. “He’s pissed that he’s dead, but that’s amplified by the fact that around him, people are being sucked into the ether just like Vicki, so his concern is, ‘I want out.’”

So exactly just how much damage can Enzo cause from the other side while trying to escape whatever afterlife he’s in? “You just wait, you just wait and see — he’s determined to make Damon’s life and Stefan’s life a living hell,” Dries says cryptically.

The showrunner also says that next episode, we’ll learn that the reason Enzo has more abilities in the afterlife than previous ghosts we’ve seen on the series is something that’s directly related to the fact that the other side seems to be on the brink of destruction. Revenge tactics aside, fans of the series can expect to see Enzo’s character used not only as a villain for the remainder of the season, but also as a means for us to learn more about the other side and what’s going on over there.

While Dries wouldn’t go into details as to exactly what’s happening to the other side, she did say that the current storyline surrounding what’s happening over there comes from a “desire to get rid of the other side” so that moving forward, when a character dies, they’re really dead. Dries also divulged that fans can expect at least three more deaths to occur coming up to the end of season 5.

Dries also had this to say about where we can expect to see our Mystic Falls gang coming up on the season finale: “Pushing toward the finale, they have a united cause because the travelers are trying to rip away their home. In the meantime, the other side is falling apart, so the question is, what’s going to happen to Bonnie? What’s going to happen to our friends who are over there who we occasionally check in with? Do they just go away like Vicki did a few episodes ago?” says Dries.

“We’re breaking season 6 right now in the writer’s room, and [the season] will kind of just start with everyone in a different orbit in a way, and so … season 6 will be a lot of us bringing people back together and picking up the pieces.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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