By Amber Ray
Updated April 25, 2014 at 06:46 PM EDT
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The Bible continues to inspire Hollywood.

Fox is developing Nazareth, an “event series” documenting the formative years of Jesus.

Written and executive produced by Gladiator scribe David Franzoni, the miniseries will focus on Jesus of Nazareth’s “lost years,” the period between ages 12 and 30, which is not described in the New Testament.

The series is part of an overall deal with Bob Cooper’s Landscape Entertainment, which is producing Nazareth with FX Productions and Entertainment One. Franzoni and Eleven Films’ Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson will serve as executive producers alongside Cooper.

Nazareth follows History’s record-breaking, Christianity-themed miniseries The Bible. The sequel, A.D.: Beyond the Bible, was ordered by NBC.

The Bible

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