By Kyle Anderson
Updated April 24, 2014 at 02:13 PM EDT

Intercontinental tween-pop superstars One Direction aren’t exactly considered the most visually compelling act out there, unless you’re counting the remarkable bit of bio-engineering that is Harry Styles’ hair.

But last week, they premiered a brand new video for their single “You & I” featuring a bunch of pretty impressive cloning effects. The only problem? They appear to have ripped off the idea wholesale.

Australian production company OhYeahWow, which has crafted videos for Gotye and Ben Folds, noted that “You & I” (directed by frequent One Direction collaborator Ben Winston) looks suspiciously like the clip they made for Australian act Clubfeet. The award-winning video for “Everything You Wanted” dropped last year, and features many of the same tricks the One Direction kids used.

“Late Friday night whilst we were busy observing the good traditions of the public holiday, something very suspicious was brought to our attention,” OhYeahWow said in a statement. “It seems that the chaps of One Direction have taken it upon themselves to regurgitate our original concept, as seen in our award-winning clip for Clubfeet’s ‘Everything You Wanted.’ Don’t get us wrong, we here at Oh Yeah Wow are big One Direction fans and are envious of their ability to maintain flawless hairdos. To be crystal clear, OYW has nothing against creative evolution. Artists constantly reinterpret other works that have inspired them and we’re fine with people taking a technique and using it to create something new…The wider problem is, that plagiarism and copycatting is becoming increasingly common and acceptable.”

Neither One Direction nor Winston have addressed the accusations of plagiarism; you can judge for yourself below.

If nothing else, this should get the name “Clubfeet” out there a little more — which would be great, since “Everything You Wanted” is a pretty excellent song.