Frozen Thriller 01

Are you off the Frozen train? It’s okay if you are. Most people seem to be, in fact, except…they’re not. The soundtrack for the wildly popular November movie just hit its biggest sales week yet, which means that, hard as we try, we haven’t escaped the winter just yet.

There’s still plenty of hilarious pop culture to be mined from the biggest event to happen to Disney animated movies since that thing with Bambi’s mom. Don’t worry—you’ll find no “Let It Go” covers here. But if you think you’ve seen everything to do with Frozen, I submit to you something completely different:

Yes, those are the characters from Frozen doing the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And that’s not all.

Here they are singing the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody.”

And here’s Elsa doing the Macarena. Looks like she’s the queen INDEED!

And let’s not forget the group doing “Gangnam Style”—also, be warned, this one is weirdly NSFW if only because the animator chose a really unfortunate color for Anna’s spanks.

What are these ridiculous videos and where do they come from? You can thank the whole wide world of character mods, infiltrating games like GTA IV and The Sims, and the 3D animation program MikuMikuDance (MMD) which makes this nonsense possible.

Well, that’s all I came here for. This has been Today in Frozen WTF. Tune in tomorrow when Kristoff wakes up with Sven’s head next to his pillow.

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