Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

The CW is edging closer to deciding the fate of its six bubble shows. As we’ve previously reported earlier this month in Death Watch, Hart of Dixie and The 100 are likely to be renewed, while The Carrie Diaries is likely to be cancelled. It’s the other three remaining limbo dramas — Beauty and the Beast, The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed — that have been the biggest question marks.

We’re now hearing freshman sci-fi shows Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed are now looking less likely to return. Yet sophomore series Beauty and the Beast is still up in the air — on the soapy tip of the bubble, you might say. Opinions on this show are all over the place, from another 13 episodes, to a possible six-episode final season (the same strategy The CW took with the longer-running Nikita) to outright cancellation. The current season of Beauty returns on June 2, so the network will have to figure this out without knowing how the rest of the episodes perform.

Mind you, nothing is official until The CW makes these decisions. Such verdicts are typically swayed by how many pilots are ordered to series — and the network hasn’t seen its pilots yet. A CW spokesperson had no comment.