Fresh off the all-is-forgiven love-fest that was Nirvana's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Courtney Love is back with some fresh music. The new track is called "You Know My Name," and it finds Love burning some bridges on the back of a thumping pop-punk riff. It's one half of a double A-side single (along with a song called "Wedding Day") that will be officially released on May 4.

Love channels Bob Dylan on the song's bridge when she sings "I don't believe you," which was the same thing Dylan told the dude who called him "Judas" on that famous live recording of "Like a Rolling Stone" from 1966. "All this world is burning up/ It's time that you retired/ You're ready for your last huzzah/ And all of you are fired," Love croons on the chorus. Her voice sounds so good that it's a low down dirty shame she didn't front the reconstituted Nirvana at the Rock Hall ceremony two weeks ago.  Judge for yourself below.

If you like "You Know My Name," it's likely you have already made a deep dive into Courtney Love's YouTube channel, which is a remarkable look into Love's nutty life. It's a lot of conversations with Love while she's riding in car, and she says stuff like, "Nobody on the Internet can guess who has a dominatrix—only I know."  And while you're at it, you have no reason not to follow Courtney on all manner of social media, especially Pinterest.

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