By Hillary Busis
April 21, 2014 at 10:21 PM EDT
Mandee Johnson/CleftClips

Oh there’s Waldo! And, wouldn’t you know it, he looks a lot like a sad-sack Tony Hale character.

That’s because the Veep star is playing the stripe-clad sneak in a new photo essay published Monday in The Occasional, the Funny or Die offshoot that began as a humor magazine app and has morphed into a McSweeney’s-esque website. And needless to say, “Where’s Waldo Today?” with Tony Hale doesn’t exactly paint a rosy future for Martin Handford’s famous creation.

In this version of the story — shot by photographer Mandee Johnson — Waldo is a divorced, unemployed loser who no longer has enough money to travel all over the world. So instead, he “challenges” readers to find him in places like a seedy motel room (where he’s cooking Spam on a hot plate), the unemployment line, or on a deserted beach, clutching the last remnants of a six-pack and watching sand slip slowly through his fingers. The joke: In nearly every image, Waldo is alone. Cue “Mad World.”

The pictorial won’t exactly give you the same pleasant, nostalgic buzz as Funny or Die’s staged Space Jam reading — but hey, don’t we all need a daily reminder that life is a futile journey inevitably leading all creatures to the same horrific end point?

No? Okay, that’s cool; maybe we can go back to talking about Chris Pratt’s hair-braiding skillz instead.