A teenage boy in York, Penn. faced the ultimate rejection when he asked Miss America winner Nina Davuluri to prom. He didn’t get the girl — and his high school suspended him for even asking her. Ouch.

Davuluri, who won the 2014 Miss America crown this past September, went to Central York High School April 17 to give a presentation. That’s when the bold Patrick Farves gifted her a flower and asked her to the dance.

Some members of the high school’s administration found out about Farves’ plan before he went ahead with it and warned him not to do it. He did anyway, and ended up with a 3-day in-school suspension for going against their orders.

Davuluri found out about the suspension, though, and took to Facebook Saturday to offer her support for Farves. “I was flattered by the gesture although I am unfortunately unable to attend due to my travel schedule,” she wrote. “I later learned of the disciplinary action taken and reached out to the school in hopes that they will reconsider their decision.”

Central York High School hasn’t yet returned EW’s request for comment.