By Erin Strecker
April 21, 2014 at 09:46 PM EDT
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Should Mindy and Danny get back together on The Mindy Project, or are they a Taylor Swift song waiting to happen?

Chris Messina broke hearts a few weeks back on The Mindy Project when his character, sexy doctor Danny Castellano, ended his just-beginning relationship with Mindy because he “didn’t want to ruin the friendship” or whatever, a.k.a.: He’s a big baby and fans were/are not amused.

But! The darkness may be coming to an end soon. Messina told Vulture on Sunday, “There is a payoff that I think is worth sticking around for. We just shot the finale and I think it’s our best episode. It’s very romantic.” That lines up with what Ike Barinholtz told EW earlier this month: “I think the dynamic between them is special and different and they are unlike any other couple on TV because they are such distinct characters and they fight so much. To put them back together just makes so much sense…eventually.” The finale episode is called “Danny and Mindy,” so it sounds like that “eventually” may come pretty soon.

The will-they/won’t-they question is a big one for TV fans who are protective of characters they love: For every Pam and Jim (we’ll ignore that last season, okay?), there are dozens more (see: New Girl‘s Nick and Jess) who fans thought they would love together but whose coupledom wound up killing the show. We put the should they/shouldn’t they question to you PopWatchers last fall, and a majority of you were for Danny and Mindy getting together at some point. But now that we’ve seen some evidence of them as a couple, partnered with some teases that we might get a Meg-Ryan-circa-1998 happy ending for the season in a few weeks, it seems the time has come for us to break.this.down:

Mindy&Danny Pros:

– The two have great chemistry. Their sneaking around, kissing-in-the-office montage may be one of the first things that made me both laugh and blush. It was just so stinkin’ adorable. I’m not ever bringing up that Bridget Jones/hospital bed scene (pictured), because I’m afraid my heart will actually explode if I think about it for more than about three seconds.

– As Mindy Kaling herself pointed out, the two are so different that there’s a ton they could explore as a couple — no rut here!

– This whole show is a rom-com, and in the rom-com movie version of this program, Danny and Mindy totally kiss atop the Empire State Building and live happily ever after. Why fight the inevitable?

Mindy&Danny Cons:

– The not-so-secret best pleasure of the show is Kaling charming her way through dates with various ill-advised suitors. With a boyfriend, is that charm going to be directed elsewhere, or will it — gasp — disappear? Side note: A coupled-up Mindy might also diminish the number of cute guys coming through the door.

– As the main arc driving the story right now, if they’re together I’m afraid that a show that is hitting its stride will be unsure how to go forward without abandoning all the other characters (already a spot the show struggles with).

– Put them together in the season 2 finale, and that means we’re looking at at least several episodes of awkwardness when they inevitably break up (again). Better to have them together eventually, but let them do their own thing for the run of the show.

PopWatch Poll: What do you want to see next?

Important end note: My vote is cast for whichever scenario lets Danny wear his red reading glasses the most. So….dating?

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