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Will Girl Meets World bring back “baboon” as an insult?

It certainly seems that way. Over the weekend, Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World star Ben Savage posted an Instagram photo of himself with Danny McNulty, a.k.a. John Adams High School bully Harley Keiner, alongside this message: “Welcome back to our friend ‘Harley Keiner’ #GirlMeetsWorld.” The photo shows the all-grown-up McNulty, wearing what appears to be some kind of work uniform (maybe janitor?) and posing in a school hallway with Savage.

McNulty is the latest in a long line of Boy Meets World alums, including Lee Norris (Minkus) and Rider Strong (Shawn), who will return for at least an episode of Girl Meets World. (EW confirmed McNulty’s appearance with the show.)

If Girl Meets World really is shaping up to be just hit after hit of straight ’90s nostalgia, the show might as well double down and bring back any and all minor characters from the original. Sure, that’s not the best idea if the goal is to make Girl stand on its own merits. But for those that just want to remember the ’90s, it would be pretty great. A few suggestions for who to shoehorn in next:

Keri Russell: She guest-starred in an episode of Boy Meets World as Mr. Feeny’s niece. This time around, have Cory and Topanga take their kids to Mr. Feeny’s cabin — and guess who just happens to be there? Boom! Nostalgia achieved.

Lauren: Why wouldn’t some girl you kissed once in high school be in your life 15 years later? She sure seemed to like skiing a lot; let’s make Lauren (Linda Cardellini) the gym teacher at the school where Cory currently works. #Nostalgia

The Little Boy Eric Almost Adopted: He’s in his twenties now. Whatever happened to him? Let’s have Tommy (J. B. Gaynor) crash an episode and find out! Peak nostalgia!

Nick: Cory, Topanga, and the kids go shopping for Christmas presents when Topanga runs into ex-boyfriend Nick (Shane West) working at Macy’s. Can you say awkward?

Eli Williams: Maybe Eli (Alex Désert) can give us the Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) update we’ve long been denied. Side note: If Mr. Turner isn’t at least mentioned by Shawn when he puts in his guest appearance, I might (WILL) have a meltdown.

Griff Hawkins: Easiest of all. Replace McNulty with Adam Scott halfway through the third season. It turns out everyone just stuck around this one high school! Feel the nostalgia!

Jack and Rachel can show up at some point if they want; I don’t really care one way or another. Girl Meets World, which, ugh, still doesn’t have an exact premiere date, will eventually air on Disney Channel and will certainly meet the unbelievably sky-high demands of millennials.

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