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Few shows on television cover greater distance than Game of Thrones, which currently spreads its action to the farthest reaches of two different fantasy continents. Of course, Thrones has impressive source material: George R. R. Martin has spent the last couple of decades meticulously exploring the various cities, towns, villages, and various geographical phenomena throughout his invented world. And now, you can explore that world — without fear of spoilers!

This very interactive map at is extremely detailed (complete with links to You can follow certain characters’ journeys across the known world. You can also select how far into the books or TV show you are, selecting either a chapter in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series or an episode of the HBO show. For instance: If you select “Eddard Stark” and set the map’s timeline to the prologue from A Game of Thrones, then you can just see his big gray E hanging out in Winterfell, happy as a clam. But if you set the map’s timeline to, say, anything past the beginning of A Clash of Kings — well, suffice it to say that ol’ Ned’s route leads him to King’s Landing and then nowhere else.

Anyhow, this is fun for fans of the TV show, possibly even more fun for fans of the books, and it’ll get you totally primed for the 300 pages of A Dream of Spring that suddenly shift the entire saga’s focus to the Summer Islands.

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