Eric Roberts and his spouse Eliza Roberts were guests on Monday’s episode of Entertainment Weirdly on EW’s Sirius XM channel to discuss their episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, which airs Tuesday. But we couldn’t let the Dark Knight star and onetime Oscar nominee leave without asking him about his upcoming film Human Centipede 3, the third entry of the notorious horror franchise in which people are attached together to form the grotesque titular creature.

Well, we could have let him leave without asking about it. We just didn’t.

“It was far out,” said Roberts. “We have a centipede that is made of prison inmates, and they’re all hooked together. When you see this, you will never want to commit a crime and go to prison. It’s really horrible.” Roberts declined to say much about his character — “I’m sworn to secrecy” — but revealed that shooting the third and, according to writer-director Tom Six, probably last of the Human Centipede films was a surreal experience. “If you can imagine a hot summer day,” he said, “and there are hundreds of men all bent over and they consist of the human centipede.”

You can hear our chat with Roberts — and also our sit-down with Zombeavers director Jordan Rubin — as Entertainment Weirdly is repeated throughout the week.