By James Hibberd
April 21, 2014 at 04:04 PM EDT

It has risen! Fox’s big gamble on a science show went up in the ratings on Easter Sunday. Cosmos rose 8 percent last night to tie CBS’ The Good Wife in the ratings.

The media has been pretty hard on Cosmos. But for an educational program airing after a bawdy cartoon that’s inspired fart joke montages on YouTube, it’s performed fairly decently. Across all platforms, including streaming, the show is racking up 10.9 million viewers, and is likely to have a long rental afterlife (and just karmically, the network that brought us Moment of Truth owed us this one).

Notice since it was a holiday, when viewing levels tend to be low, the networks coded their shows as “specials” so they wouldn’t be counted in their regular full-season tallies. Full chart:

NET/TIME/SHOW  18-49 ratings  total viewers (+000)
FOX 7:00P BOBS BRGR S 0.6 1,533
7:30P AMRCN DAD RS 0.6 1,516
8:00P SIMPSONS- RS 0.9 2,202
8:30P FAMLY GUY RS 1.1 2,647
9-10P COSMOS- S 1.4 3,712
ABC 7-8P EASTER Charlie S 0.9 3,546
8-9P ONCE-TIME- S 1.7 5,692
9-11P HALLMRK S 1.0 4,644
CBS 7-8P 60 MIN SP- S 1.1 8,797
8-9P AMAZING-SP- S 1.6 7,619
9-10P GOOD WF SP- S 1.4 9,078
10-11P MENTLST-SP- S 1.4 8,605
NBC 7-8P AM DRM BLD- 0.6 2,522
8-9P DATE-SU-7P- 0.9 3,821
9-10P BELIEVE- 1.2 4,658
10-11P CRISIS- 0.9 3,798