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Julia Louis-Dreyfus has already won a pair of Emmys for her cunning portrayal of self-consumed, marginalized Vice President Selina Meyer on Veep, and chew on this: She’s just entering Selina’s most dangerous, power-mongering, dangerous days. This season, our nation’s No. 2 is thinking big, and in Sunday night’s episode (HBO, 10:30 p.m.), she takes another uneven step in her run for Oval Office. “I’m so grateful that this part came my way,” says Louis-Dreyfus. “I mean, it’s the role of a lifetime.” That’s saying something, as she has, in said lifetime, also taken home Emmys for her performances on Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine. “Believe me, that’s not lost on me,” she says, “and I’m pinching myself all the time.” If her role on Veep is indeed a dream come true, that got us wondering: What would be her dream scene to play on the show? EW asked Louis-Dreyfus — and the rest of the cast — to think of that one scene that they’re dying to do. Their answers involved everything from therapy to karaoke to MMA fights.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Vice President Selina Meyer)

“Selina in a family therapy session with her ex-husband and her daughter.”

Anna Chlumsky (chief of staff Amy Brookheimer)

“When I say dream, I mean that like it’s a fever dream: Somehow the staff gets to do karaoke. I just think that would be so bizarre — and very funny. I have it in my head that Amy is a big Police fan, so she’d probably sing ‘Roxanne’ or something. Selina would stop the show. She’d probably be that person who tries to help everybody with their song. She’s like ‘Oh, no, no, no — let me! I can do this part!’ and then just take the mic.”

Matt Walsh (director of communications Mike McClintock)

“It’d be funny if he was chief of staff for a day. I think he’d be overwhelmed and his line would be ‘No comment’ to everything. Like: Don’t respond, don’t respond… Very little proactive energy from Mike — and very little vision.”

Timothy C. Simons (former White House liaison-turned-Ryantology reporter/founder Jonah Ryan)

“The veep’s general reaction to Jonah is: You need to shut the f— up and get as far away from me as possible and as quickly as possible. If you look at a lot of the scenes that Julia and I have, they’re usually very short and the character hates me so much that a dream scene for me would be any situation in which the vice president and her staff are forced to let me lead the discussion. They have to be at rapt attention — they have no excuse and they simply can’t ignore what I’m saying. Like, if I were actually put in charge of some domestic policy and the debate on it, and the White House had given the directive of: You need to go in there and be the leader on this. So if I’m giving a presentation on domestic policy that they have to listen to by order of the president.”

Tony Hale (personal aide Gary Walsh)

“When you’re playing a character like this and you can feel their shame and emasculation, all you want them to do is just go off. I just want Gary to have a day where he lets loose — not on Selina, because Selina is Jesus in his eyes — but on Dan or Jonah or even Mike or Amy, and just say everything he’s been wanting to say for the past 10 years working with these people. Just let loose.”

Reid Scott (deputy director of communications Dan Egan)

“I want to meet Dan’s family. So badly. What bundle of neurosis produced such a prick? To me, that’s fascinating. God, I hope it doesn’t too closely resemble my real family — that would be terrifying. I would love Elliott Gould to play Dan’s dad and kind of a drunk Susan Sarandon to play his mom.”

Sufe Bradshaw (Personal assistant Sue Wilson)

“In one episode, she works in the office during the day, but she secretly moonlights as an MMA fighter in the night.”

Kevin Dunn (POTUS chief of staff Ben Cafferty)

“I would love to see Ben go totally off his rocker in a very big, public way. Because I don’t know what that would be. At some point, I’d love to see him just really lose it and for everything that’s been grinding him down to come out.”

Gary Cole (POTUS senior strategist Kent Davison)

“To have everybody witness Kent doing something that they would never imagine in a million years. They simply would wander into a bar and there would be an open mic night and Kent would be with his 12-string guitar, or trying to do a really pathetic five minutes of stand-up comedy. Just because he wanted to be liked or whatever — that’s what he does when he’s away from the office to relieve stress. Have Mike and Ben wander in there drunk and witness that and go, ‘Well, that was certainly weird.'”

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