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After Thursday night’s drama-filled third season finale of Scandal, Scott Foley (a.k.a. Jake Ballard) took some time to participate in a Reddit AMA. The chat mainly consisted of eager Gladiators wanting answers to their biggest fan questions, but there were also some personal ones (boxers or briefs?) and inquiries about his stint on another Shonda Rhimes soap (Grey’s Anatomy) as well his breakthrough role as Noel Crane on Felicity.

Below are nine things we learned from the conversation:

He prefers Scandal over his stint on Grey’s Anatomy. “Ooh wow. For me, more satisfying to film is Scandal. I loved my time on Grey‘s but I was just a guest there, and it makes things a bit more difficult when you’re not a permanent fixture on a television show. So filming-wise, it’s better for me on Scandal.”

Prep for James’ death scene was intense. “That was really hard. I didn’t know that it was coming. And the night of shooting, it was almost 2 in the morning, raining, and we were both just wrecked, both Dan [Bucatinsky] and myself. But I’d had close to a week-and-a-half with the material to spend some time on the lines and the emotions, and at the end of the day, for me, that was a very telling scene for Jake, because it’s one of the first times that we see his heart in his work.”

Kerry Washington is a good kisser. “She does have good lips? As far as fake kisses in my career ever, she’s up there.”

If he wasn’t Jake, he would play Cyrus. I would like to play Cyrus, because I think there is something so fun about playing a character as maniacal and devious as him.

He would give up a lot of things to work with former Grey’s Anatomy co-star Sandra Oh. “I would work with Sandra Oh in the dark, in Alaska. I would give up many things to spend more time with Sandra Oh.”

Felicity (Keri Russell) makes Ben (Scott Speedman) watch Scandal. “Yes, she absolutely does. If only because she regrets her choice.”

Felicity’s dramatic haircut was sexy. “I thought she looked better with her haircut than she did before. I loved it. I did! I thought she looked so beautiful, and it made her neck look longer, and everything. Look, I thought she looked cuddly before, there was something ‘Vermontish’ for lack of a better word, and then with the haircut, there was something sexier and free-er about her. She was more spring with her haircut as opposed to winter with it long.”

He still likes seeing ex-wife Jennifer Garner. “It’s always a pleasure when I see her out socially.”

He is addicted to Downton Abbey. “If I could work on any other show, it would either be House of Cards or Downton Abbey. We are addicted to Downton Abbey, just finished season 4.”

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