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April 18, 2014 at 02:45 PM EDT

Another sad chapter in the saga of Lindsay Lohan went down when the actress stopped by Watch What Happens Live Thursday night.

Ostensibly there to promote Lindsay, which concludes its run this Sunday, Andy Cohen wasted no time playing one of the show’s most popular games with the actress — Plead the Fifth, where the guest is asked three dish-y questions and allowed to “plead the fifth” on only one. And naturally, Cohen used this opportunity to ask Lohan about the alleged “sex list” that’s been making the rounds in the tabloids. His exact question for her: “Recently, an alleged list of your alleged former conquests was leaked or published. A few of the names on the list were Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron, James Franco, and Justin Timberlake. Will you confirm that two of those names are [accurate]?”

After trying to laugh it off with an “I can’t confirm or deny” comment, Lohan said she was going to get serious for a moment, and that unfortunately, the “sex list” thing is very hard to talk about. “[Writing that list] was my fifth step during AA and when I was moving, someone must have taken a photo of it,” she explained. She then noted that she’ll discuss the list more on her OWN reality show.

Ugh. Watch the full video below — then stick around for some of the happier highlights of her appearance.

Elsewhere in the chat, Lindsay and Andy talked about the public’s perception of Lindsay’s mom, Dina, as well as whether Lohan was really partying at Coachella (no). Lindsay also shared that she remembered “the Grace Kelly-like” Natasha Richardson as a second mom. Speaking of Parent Trap: During the after show, Cohen had Lohan teach him the famous Parent Trap handshake — turns out she can still break it out when necessary.

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