With the competition getting down to the wire, every American Idol performance counts. Unfortunately for the three finalists from Alabama who joined together for a trio performance, their “Compass” pointed Dexter Roberts and Jessica Meuse to the bottom — with Dexter not getting America’s vote. EW talked to the “lucky man” after his elimination. Plus, check out our video interview with Dexter to find out what he was planning to sing next week.


DEXTER ROBERTS: I’m great, I’m great — how are you? It’s okay. I get to go home, see my family, friends…and my dogs!

What were you thinking before your final song?

I played the guitar on the song originally, and they just handed me a mic, and I was like, “when do I come in, man?” I couldn’t hear the band a little bit, so I don’t know. It was nerves and stuff. So I just decided to sing this part here, and hopefully it’s the right time!

What happened when all the contestants greeted you afterward?

Oh man, I’m about to start crying. I thought Ryan was about to push me off stage for a second, I was at the end of the stage and somebody bumped me. But it was great, you know. I had a great time with the guys, and [I’m] really looking forward to the tour and coming to the finale.

What’s your next move?

I’m going to go home and take a nap. I’m gonna sleep for a few days. I told my mom that if I get kicked off sometime, I’m gonna get a teepee and just live in the woods for a few days and get out of the city, ’cause I’m all about the outdoors and stuff. But I’m going to keep my singing career and hopefully have a hunting show one day. That’s my dream, my big dream. I want to try to get, like, turkeys and ducks and whitetails, stuff like that. I’m gonna hit up Nashville, just got off an interview with people out there yesterday.

Is there an artist whose career you want to emulate?

Probably Luke Bryan, I love Luke Bryan. That’s some good stuff. “Muckalee Creek Water” is my favorite, the one I sung last night. He’s just got some great songs but that pick, I sing it all the time in the shower.

Did the judges say anything to you after?

I can’t remember. I remember I hugged Keith, and talked to Harry for a minute, and Jennifer Lopez, I talked to her for a minute — but I can’t remember cause it was so quick. I remembered I hugged Randy for a minute, and somebody tapped me on the shoulder, and I looked around, and I couldn’t remember what I was doing at that moment.

Who will be C.J.’s roommate now?

Someone who is clean! They showed on the tape last night that I was the messy one, but he is! Those were his clothes! If you look back and you can see, the jeans, the underwear, the two green shirts — those are all his.

The judges often give conflicting advice. What were you able to filter out the most from their critiques?

Well, my pronunciation. I need to work on how I sing my words, it’s the country twang in my “I reckon.” I have to have a tutor or something. Keith told me to go out there and have fun and connect with the audience more, and that’s what I want to do on tour.

What are you going to take away most from this experience?

It was fun, it was hard and you don’t get a lot of sleep. I’m going to go home and try to get a lot of sleep and keep working on my craft.