April 18, 2014 at 02:11 PM EDT

Fox, the studio behind Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, has responded to claims that the director drugged and sexually abused a 17-year-old boy over a decade ago.

“These are serious allegations, and they will be resolved in the appropriate forum,” Fox said in a statement. “This is a personal matter, which Bryan Singer and his representatives are addressing separately.”

Michael Egan, now 31, has accused Singer of forcing him to perform sexual acts while promising the then-aspiring actor-model film roles. The abuses allegedly took place at California and Hawaii house parties beginning in the late 1990s. Egan claims Singer was part of an underage sex ring.

“I was raped numerous times in that house by numerous individuals,” Egan said at a press conference on Thursday. “You were like a piece of meat to these people. They’d pass you around between them.”

Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, has said that Egan’s claims are absurd and defamatory.

Egan says he and his mother told the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI about the crimes in late 1999 and 2000, but received no aid from authorities. After going through 11 months of trauma therapy, he decided to file the civil lawsuit against Singer, 48, on Wednesday in federal court in Hawaii. He seeks unspecified damages and a jury trial.

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