By Ariana Bacle
Updated April 17, 2014 at 08:03 PM EDT

Confession: I never listened to the Spice Girls as a kid. But B*Witched? I was their biggest fan.

I know, I know: B*Witched is just the Irish version of the Spice Girls — or, as some people like to more harshly declare, the Irish copycats of the Spice Girls. But, alas, when “C’est La Vie” first showed up on radio stations in 1998, I was too young to care. And I still don’t, because B*Witched is great.

My mom bought me the girl group’s first album as a surprise, and I was hooked from that moment on — she later told my dad she was amazed how quickly I learned all the lyrics to each song (I was a very talented kid, obviously). B*Witched was the first music I was ever really obsessed with — the giggling in the background of songs, the Irish jig-inspired opening track, the girl wearing cat ears on the album cover. What quirk! What fun!

It helped that the ladies of B*Witched were skilled dancers, giving Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC a run for their money in videos like “C’est La Vie” that featured their coordinated cartwheels and fist-pumping. No matter that the “C’est La Vie” video looked like it was shot on a Microsoft desktop background — there were flowers and dogs and matching denim jackets, so it was a perfect video by my young standards.

And B*Witched didn’t just churn out peppy pop jams; they also gave us ballads like sad song “Blame It on The Weatherman,” which little-me thought was just about rain and so I totally related to it. Weather, right?

B*Witched reunited recently, as ’90s bands are wont to do, and are even planning to release a full record with the help of PledgeMusic, a Kickstarter-like site for bands. You can hear one of the tracks from the forthcoming EP on the website, and it’s unsurprisingly catchy — think Pink, but multiplied by four. Could this be B*Witched’s comeback? I can hope, but if not, we can just blame their failure on — you guessed it — the weatherman.