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April 17, 2014 at 05:24 PM EDT

The Who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year the way only a rock band can — with a world tour. Dates will start in the U.K. around Christmas and then come to North America in 2015. Pete Townshend tells Billboard, “I’m not crazy about going on the road, but I’m in good shape and once I start doing it — and I’m still very good at it — I’ll take some pleasure from it.”

Townshend, whose most recent live gig was the Quadrophenia and More tour in 2012 and 2013, is no doubt referring, at least in part, to his profound hearing loss. Roger Daltrey told the Daily Mail in 2011 that “Pete is almost stone deaf. He deafened himself in the recording studio, and when we last performed he had to stand right next to the speakers to hear anything. I don’t know what Pete will do. I don’t want to do a tour and have him end up completely deaf.”

Townshend also alluded to a potential album in his interview with Billboard. “I’ll be pulling some songs out of [his long-gestating project] ‘Floss’ to give to Roger [Daltrey] to see if we’ve got enough to make an album” he says. “It might be a big waste of time, but I’m hoping there will be an album.”

He has a new song “It Must Be Done” that premieres on the April 30th episode of FX’s “The Americans,” so tune in to catch that.

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