April 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Gladiators, assemble.

The season finale of Scandal airs tonight, and naturally, we can expect plenty of crazy moments. We know the bomb goes off (Probably?) — but who’s inside the church, or what happens post-explosion is anyone’s guess. Will there be crazy hookups? Will we see another sighting of Fitz’s kids? Will we get any weird beyond-the-grave messages from dearly departed James? Below, check out some of our best guesses about what will go down tonight, and then add your own.

Katie Atkinson: The bomb will go off tonight; it’s just a matter of who’s still at that funeral. I’m thinking Leo makes it out alive but Sally doesn’t (that might just be wishful thinking). I’m not sure if Harrison will survive the hour, but the latest Columbus Short headlines probably don’t help him. Oh, and I’ve had a sinking feeling for the past few episodes that Eli and Maya never really ended their partnership — is Papa Pope actually behind this bomb and just teaming up with Olivia for OPA intel?

Samantha Highfill: Sally and Andrew are both killed in the bombing, and when Fitz finds out what Cyrus did (or didn’t do), he withdraws himself from the Presidential election. Mellie begins her downward spiral and reveals that Big Jerry raped her, and to top things off, Harrison is shot.

Erin Strecker: Sally, Andrew, Harrison? All dead. A devastated Olivia Pope realizes that Cryus didn’t stop the bombing and tells Fitz Cyrus is a monster. Fitz fires Cyrus. Olivia then comforts a grieving Mellie, and the two decide, what the hell, they’ll be White House BFFs next season.

Sandra Gonzalez: I think OPA HQ is going to get blown up in addition to the church — and someone will be inside. This is partially based off a tease that the lovely Darby gave me in our most recent convo. And I just think the gang needs a new headquarters next season.

Lanford Beard: Past Kerry Washington’s chin quivering at some point, I could not even begin…

What do you think we’ll see? Let us know in the comments below. 

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