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Updated April 17, 2014 at 04:37 PM EDT
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On April 19, more than 1,000 stores will roll out a bonanza of limited-edition merch in honor of the eighth annual Record Store Day.

Before you line up Saturday morning with sleep in your eyes and cash in hand for a vinyl copy of Built to Spill’s Ultimate Alternative Wavers (pictured above) or Otis Redding’s Pain in My Heart, check out some great in-house picks below from the clerks, managers and owners of some of our favorite independently owned outlets across the country—and go to to locate more participating shops near you.

Newbury Comics, Boston

Alfred Chavez, Assistant Manager

Ray Parker Jr., Ghostbusters

“It’s the hit song he came out with—a.k.a. the theme to Ghostbusters! There are apparently rare remixes that are included. Like, what? I wonder if it’ll be like dance remixes. It’ll be phenomenal. And they’re putting it in a glow-in-the-dark vinyl format! I can already imagine playing that in my room, completely dark.”

Anamanaguchi, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Original Videogame Soundtrack)

“They did the entire score for Scott Pilgrim, one of my favorite movies. This will be the first time it’s released on vinyl form.”

Disclosure, Apollo

“They’re awesome.”

Reckless Records, Chicago

David Hofer, New Product Buyer

Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

“It’s a classic, and it only ever came out on a single LP even though it’s a long album — so it’s nice to have it on 2 LPs. And it’s very well-regarded. You never see non-destroyed used copies, they’re always completely shredded. And this is the first opportunity basically for this generation to own a nice new copy of the album, which is pretty cool.”

Oliver Hart, The Many Faces of Oliver Hart, or: How Eye One the Write Too Think

“It’s actually this rapper called Eyedea. He died a couple of years ago, actually; he was pretty young. This album came out in 2004 but only on CD, so this is the first time it’s ever come out on vinyl. Rhymesayers, the label, is putting out a triple-LP version of it, because it’s pretty long.”

Poison Idea/Pantera, Side By Side Sessions

“Rhino puts out these split 7-inches every year where on side is a band’s original song and the other side is another band covering it. This year they’re doing Pantera covering this song ‘The Badge’ punk band Poison Idea. The Pantera cover was featured on the The Crow soundtrack originally!”

Grimey Records, Nashville

Joshua Walker, Assistant Manager

R.E.M. Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions

“It’s their two MTV Unplugged performances.Those performances, when they aired for the first time, we just killer. These are the complete sessions, too — it has songs that weren’t aired on the program. This to me stands out as ‘Hell, yeah.'”

Various Artists, The Space Project

“It’s sounds from the Moon Landing, basically. [laughs] When the NASA Voyager went up, it actually recorded sounds from outer space, and these artists got the right to use the sounds and record unique songs over it. It’s a great lineup of artists like Spiritualized, Beach House, Youth Lagoon, new hot band Mutual Benefit. It’s coming out as a 7-inch box set as well as a full-length LP. It’s just a super-unique, really cool piece.”

Wuxtry Records, Athens, GA

Nate Mitchell, Clerk

Pagans, What This Shit 1977/1979

“They’re this Cleveland punk band who had an awesome song “What’s This Shit Called Love” back in the late ’70s. It’s a compilation with a lot of their rare old stuff.”

Link Wray, Slinky/Rendezvous

“The guy that wrote “Rumble,” the instrumental. He also made a great song called “Slinky” that’s getting rereleased on 7-inch.”

Charles Bradley, I Hope You Find the Good Life

“A soul singer associated with the Daptone label, he’s got a special release coming out too.”

Flaming Lips/Devo, Side By Side Series

“It’s a split 7-inch, both band doing [Devo’s] ‘Gates of Steel’ each side.”

Tame Impala, Live Versions

“I’m kind of stuck in the ’60s myself, and this is a contemporary band into that stuff too. And they’re a big seller for the store!”

Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY

Hope Silverman, Manager

LCD Soundsystem LP box set

“We’re really looking forward to it, so much so we are having an entire insane in-store exhibition built around it’s release.”

Donny Hathaway, Live at the Bitter End 1971

“An amazing live release from one of the greatest singers to ever walk the planet. It was only previously available in the CD box set, now it’s on LP. Vinyl is the ideal way to hear Donny, and this thing is completely beautiful.”

Fear of Men, Loom Deluxe vinyl edition

“We just freakin’ love this band!”

The Sound Garden, Baltimore

Jimmy MacMillan, Manager

Walter Rizzati, The Bronx Warriors soundtrack (amazing original Italian title: 1990 I Guerrieri Del Bronx)

“It’s a soundtrack to the film, a composed piece. It’s never been on vinyl — it’s coming out on a record label called Death Waltz Records. They reissue old kind-of horror and cult soundtracks, and they always do it up real nice for Record Store Day.”

Cake vinyl box set

“It’s strange, and I’m trying to figure it out myself, but it’s 2014 and everybody’s excited for the Cake box set. There’s a box set of all the Cake vinyl coming out! It’s all their studio records in one box. I’ve had more people ask me for that than probably anything else.”

Aquarius Records, San Francisco

Andee Connors, co-owner

Scharpling & Wurster, Rock, Rot & Rule

“It’s a vinyl reissue of maybe the funniest record ever, especially for music nerds.”

A Minor Forest, Flemish Altruism / Independence

“Both albums from this nineties math/post/noise rock band, the drummer of which owns the store (and is me).”

Amoeba Music, Los Angeles

Brad Schelden, indie buyer

The Snow, “Memory Loss” 7”

“This is a super group from the label Captured Tracks made up of members of Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, and Holograms. I love this label and pretty much everything they do.”

The Muppet Movie Soundtrack LP

“A reissue of the best movie soundtrack of all time. Paul Williams plus Jim Henson equals magic!”

Orange Records, Fargo

Matt Oland, owner

Built to Spill, Ultimate Alternative Wavers

“Their stuff has always sold well for us, and that’s a record that has never been on vinyl, so you can’t even find old copies of it.”

Oliver Hart, The Many Faces of Oliver Hart Or: How Eye One The Write Too Think

“It’s Eyedea from Eyedea and Abilities, from Minneapolis. That’s never been on vinyl. I think it’s my favorite thing Eyedea has ever done.”

Twist & Shout, Denver

Paul Epstein, owner

Grateful Dead, Live At Hampton Coliseum

“This will be huge for us. A lot of people will be lining up for it. The Grateful Dead, Phish, and the White Stripes drive Record Store Day.”

Drive By Truckers, Dragon Pants EP

“Drive By Truckers are always huge for us, and they’re also playing in the store on Record Store Day.”

Pretty Lights, The Hidden Shades

“They’re from Colorado, and I think it’ll be a big one for us. Local music is a very important part of our success. The Denver scene has just exploded in the past few years.”

Tame Impala, Live Versions

“This is what you would like Record Store Day to be: A darling of the indie stores, and a real up-and-coming indie band. That’s what we get excited about.”

Dave Matthews Band, Live Trax Vol. 4

“Last year our first guy got here at 4 in the afternoon the day before. He drove down from Wyoming for a really limited Dave Matthews piece. I think we only got one, he wanted to make sure he was the one who got it.”

Sonic Boom, Seattle

Jason Hughes, co-owner

Built to Spill, Ultimate Alternative Wavers

“It’s never been on vinyl, and it’s a great record. It’s cool to have it on vinyl—I have everything else.”

Nirvana, “Pennyroyal Tea/I Hate Myself And Want To Die” 7”

“Nirvana’s big here, obviously. A lot of people have asked about this. We sell a ton of seven inches. Last year, by far the biggest seller we had on Record Store Day was Elliott Smith’s Either/Or Outtakes seven inch.”

Otis Redding, Pain In My Heart

“Some artists just sell well. I could sell Pain In My Heart until I’m blue in the face, so I expect the mono version on Record Store Day to go quickly.”

Waterloo Records, Austin

John Kunz, owner

The Standells, “Dirty Water/Twitchin’” 7”

“My wife is really excited about this one. She grew up in Massachusetts, and that’s one of those things that speaks to her. Everyone’s got their own thing for their own reason, and that’s what’s kind of cool about the day.”

Black Angels, Clear Lake Forest

“They’re an Austin band, and we’re having them in for a signing. Local things carry a lot of weight here, so customers are very excited about this one.”

Record Exchange, Boise

Michael Bunnell, owner of Record Exchange and Executive Director of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores

Bruce Springsteen, American Beauty

“He’s releasing four unreleased songs. That’s pretty cool that he’s paying enough attention to Record Store Day to release new music on it. That’s spectacular.”

The Pogues, Live With Joe Strummer

“Everybody’s excited about this. Joe Strummer took Shane McGowan’s place for a while, and this is live from the London Forum in 1991. It’s sort of a legendary show, and I never thought I would ever see it on vinyl. It’s a very cool thing.”

Built to Spill, Ultimate Alternative Wavers

“They’re our local band. This has never been on vinyl before, and it was recorded here in Boise in 1993 and released in 1994. So it’s got an anniversary this year, so it’s a huge buzz at the Record Exchange. They still play here on a regular basis, and Doug and crew shop in the store. They’re our local heroes, so that’s got the biggest buzz.”

Euclid Records, St. Louis

Neil Landow, store manager/buyer

Grateful Dead, Live at Hampton Coliseum

Jerry Garcia, Garcia

“Any of the jam band stuff goes very quickly. In the past, Phish has always done something, and that’s always been the first thing to go. We’ve had the same guys camp out overnight the last two years in a row just to get the Phish stuff.”

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, Transcriptions

“I’ve had a couple of people ask me about this. I guess it’s some old recordings they found with the Texas Playboys, and as far as I know it’s stuff that’s never been out before. People are anxious to see what it’s all about.”

Lake Street Dive, What I’m Doing Here/Wedding Band

“Among up and coming bands, peole have asked me about this one. They’re starting to get really big in this area, so I’m expecting this to be a popular single.”

—Reported by Kyle Anderson and Ray Rahman