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April 17, 2014 at 05:15 PM EDT

Maybe Hannah and Adam aren’t consciously uncoupling after all.

The third season of HBO’s Girls ended with another breakup for Lena Dunham’s Hannah and Adam Driver’s Adam. But according to these new images from the set of the dramedy’s next season, the pair seem as though they’re on course for a reconciliation — provided this isn’t a dream sequence or something.

Also worth noting: These pictures come from scenes shot on location in New York City, even though Hannah seemed bound for the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in the show’s last finale. (Girls is going to film scenes in Iowa City, though the University of Iowa has declined its requests to film on campus.) So could this mean that Hannah simply hasn’t left for the Hawkeye State yet — or that she went, decided grad school isn’t for her, and returned to the tattooed arms of Brooklyn? Let’s speculate!

Four young ladies live in New York City, and it’s SO hard.
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