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When the Saints Go Marching In

The Originals is finally back from hiatus! So if you’ve been missing Elijah’s suits, Klaus’ schemes, or Marcel’s scarves, fear not! We are headed back to New Orleans tonight to catch up with our favorite vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, and that one pesky (but lovable) hybrid. More specifically, we’re headed back for the Feast of Blessings, a celebration of the town’s witches.

We caught up with Danielle Campbell to talk about the feast, what comes next for Davina, and just how crazy this season’s finale is going to be:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last we saw Davina, she was getting the hang of her powers again, so are we going to see her power continue to grow?

DANIELLE CAMPBELL: Definitely. She is one of the four harvest girls and they had a very specific purpose from the time they were chosen to be sacrificed in the harvest,so she’s definitely going to start to harness her power a bit more and try to find her place in the coven.

They’ve been building this rivalry between Davina and Monique, and this week, it sounds like Genevieve and Monique team up on Davina a little bit.

I think that’s definitely safe to say. To be honest, I feel like Davina doesn’t care; Davina is more focused on trying to harness her powers, trying to focus on herself, whereas Monique I feel maybe could be jealous or is just mad and completely taken over by the ancestors to the point where she doesn’t like Davina and wants to kind of put her down in any way that she can.

So what is the Feast of Blessings?

It’s a celebration of the witches. To the tourists, it’s kind of just a celebration and a festival, because the tourists think it’s all a show, so it’s a “celebration of the witches.”

And at this celebration, Monique and Genevieve team up on Davina, but I hear Klaus comes to the rescue. So is this another instance of Klaus trying to get Davina on his side?

Yes. You’ve known Klaus for many seasons on Vampire Diaries and now The Originals, and he’s always forming his alliances that he can use in his own way , which you later discover down the road. So he’s definitely trying to form as many alliances as he can and having a witch on your side is something that you always need.

I feel like there’s this three-way war starting between Klaus and Elijah and Marcel, and Davina has interacted with all of them.

She has.

She’s obviously closest with Marcel, but is she going to find herself torn between these three men?

I think Davina is tired of being pulled in every direction. To me, Davina’s doing what she thinks is best for the people that she cares about, so right now she’s in a position where everyone has betrayed her basically except for Josh and Cami. But at the end of the day, she still loves Marcel, she still respects Elijah, and I think she probably doesn’t like Klaus, but he’s Klaus. He’s someone that, if you piss off the wrong way as Davina has learned, he’ll turn against you in the worst way possible. So I think Davina is trying to see where her alliances should really fall.

Speaking of Josh, what is he up to this week? Is he finding his way into the action?

So right now, Josh is still hiding because his head is on the line with Klaus, so he’s still in hiding. But he’s Davina’s closest and dearest friend. He’s her one person that she can talk to, the one person that she can trust, so Josh is Davina’s family right now.

Looking forward, we know that Klaus is trying to reach out to werewolves from his bloodline. How will those wolves fit into the end of the season?

Well, with Klaus about to be a father I think he is definitely really drawn to the way that a pack works and the importance of family and protecting each other. I think that’s the environment he wants to surround his child with, which is why he’s branching out to the wolves. And, again with his alliances, trying to get as many people on his side and under his wing as he can.

You all are filming the finale now, so what can you tease about this last run of episodes?

I get really excited about the finale just because all the episodes that you’re going to see leading up to the finale, every single one heightens on top of another. You think [the] next episode is crazy and wild and so much happens, and then the next one doubles that. Our writers are so fantastic, and they’ve done such a great job. Leah [Pipes] and I were talking yesterday about how we needed the next script. It’s exciting for an actor to be able to sit down with a script that you’re working on and want instantly to see the next one. All hell breaks loose on the finale because all the storylines leading up to it and all the plotting, everything crashes on that finale, and it’s just crazy.

Are we going to get the birth of baby by season’s end?

You’ll have to watch to find out. [Laughs]

For now, an exclusive photo of a very pregnant Hayley will have to do:

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The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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When the Saints Go Marching In
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