Emma Stone Graham Norton
Credit: BBC

Stop right now. Thank you very much.

Right now, Emma Stone is technically promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — and not, as it turns out, a reunion of the U.K.’s best girl group. But this weekend, the star went on The Graham Norton Show, explained her love of the fab five once again, and had a major freak-out when she thought the gals might be in the building (they weren’t).

“I feel like I’ve been talking about the Spice Girls more on this press tour than I have about the movie,” Stone explained. She’s not wrong: She teared up when Mel B recorded a message for her during an interview in Australia, and had another emotional meltdown when Mel C, a.k.a. Sporty Spice, hopped on FaceTime to say hello during another appearance. And that’s not even counting all of the smaller junket interviews in which Stone has once again talked about her lifelong devotion to Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Posh.

When Norton brought up the Spice Girls, Stone didn’t seem surprised that she was being asked to talk about the “Wannabe” singers once again. The actress is now trapped in a PR cycle that’s always trying to make viral moments happen. In a previous interview, she casually mentioned something that is probably very genuine — a love of the Spice Girls — and because of The Way We Live Now, it’s become the new go-to interview topic. The interviewer gets a potential viral moment, which bloggers will then write about it; meanwhile, Stone achieves more ‘She’s just like us!’ headlines, and (I guess?) her film even receives more promotion. The cycle continues, the publicist gets paid, and Stone moves on to her next project.

Except, for me at least, we’ve hit the point when this routine is no longer charming.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Emma Stone. I find her talented, and funny, and refreshingly intelligent. This problem is absolutely not her fault. It’s the fault of everybody else: the people who desperately want to watch another silly moment featuring twenty-something women they will never be friends with, but need to believe that they could be friends with if things were just a little bit different. The same issue happens when we force Jennifer Lawrence to talk about how much she loves food, or Mila Kunis to snark alongside us.

I understand Stone can’t not freak out about the Spice Girls, now that she’s excitedly talked about it so many times already — but every time she grabs her hair and unleashes a big grin, the original moment loses a bit of its charm. True or not, I now feel like she’s performing. So for Stone’s sake, let’s take the Spice Girls off the interview table, at least for the rest of this press tour. She’s a funny woman. Surely we can find something else to talk about.