By Leah Greenblatt
Updated April 14, 2014 at 04:11 PM EDT
Ben Watt

Ben Watt may always be known best as The Boy in dreamy alt-pop duo Everything But the Girl, but the 51-year-old Londoner has been garnering some of the best notices of his career for the new album Hendra, his first solo release in more than three decades.

Hendra‘s collection of contemplative, gently strummy songs is currently streaming in full on NPR’s site — and now you can find the official video for single “Spring” here.

Watt told EW how the clip came to be: “In January I held a short film competition for songs from ‘Hendra’. The winners were co-judged by my friend and ace filmmaker Mark Cousins (The Story of Film: an Odyssey) and me…. The song is about drawing strength from small things as you get older. As Mark says of the film ‘It hints at people—a boy, surfers, a woman at a window—who stare out into seascapes and cityscapes. It is lovely, mysterious and melancholic.”

Watch the winning video, made by David Vespremi of San Francisco, below: