By Hillary Busis
Updated August 04, 2017 at 02:50 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

You know what’s weird? Though tonight marks Seth Rogen’s third stint as SNL host, I realized before writing this post that I couldn’t remember a single sketch he’d done during either of his previous turns. Maybe that’s because it’s been a surprisingly long time since Rogen graced the SNL stage; the last time he was on, he was promoting 2009’s Observe and Report. (The first time he hosted was another era altogether; the 2007 episode featured jabs at Kevin Federline, Senator Larry Craig, and multiple MacGruber sketches.)

More likely, though, it’s because Rogen’s hosting style isn’t particularly flashy. In movies, he gravitates toward genial, laid-back sensitive bro types; in his past stints on SNL, he’s done much of the same, give or take a pair of Muppets sketches that had him donning a big, furry suit. (Dear Internet: Why is “Muppets Hit & Run” not available anywhere online? This is a travesty!) Rogen isn’t much of an impressionist, or an insanely energetic, up-for-anything quintuple threat type — he’s more of a Jason Sudeikis-esque everyguy, but nerdier and schlubier and more likely to talk about being Jewish. (And he’s hosting just in time for Passover — what a mensch.)

That said, 2014 Seth Rogen is a mite more mature than 2009 Seth Rogen. Since he last dropped by Studio 8H, Rogen has gotten married (to For a Good Time, Call… multihyphenate Lauren Miller), made a quasi-serious comedy about cancer (50/50), become a passionate advocate for Alzheimer’s research, and co-directed his first film — a poignant tale of friends growing apart… interspersed with scenes of Jonah Hill getting raped by a demon and Craig Robinson drinking his own pee (This Is The End). Okay, maybe strike the whole “maturity” theory. Still, it’ll be interesting to compare this performance to his last one — and to see which of Rogen’s many famous pals stops by for a cameo. Spoiler: Thanks to an Instagram shot he’s since taken down, we can at least expect James Franco to show up. Fingers crossed Rogen doesn’t let his friend get away with propositioning a teenage girl last week.

Elsewhere, SNL will welcome a newbie to its musical stage — Ed Sheeran, a shy ginger singer in Taylor Swift’s inner circle. Maybe he, Swift, Rogen, and Franco will have some kind of BFF-off? Either way, expect lots of emotion from him, or at least a few adorable smiles:

What do you want to see from Rogen on SNL tonight — besides another turn as Rolf the Dog, and perhaps some kind of Kim/Kanye spoof involving him, Franco, Nasim Pedrad, and Jay Pharoah? Discuss below, and check back tomorrow morning for a full recap.

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