By Josh Rottenberg
April 11, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Seth Rogen will be the first to admit that the frat-movie genre doesn’t have the most distinguished history: ”There’s basically one and a half good ones — Animal House and the first half of Old School — and then a whole lot of bad ones.” Rogen hopes to add to that short list with Neighbors, in which he stars as a new parent who, along with his wife (Rose Byrne), goes to war with a fraternity that moves into the house next door. The couple find their ultimate nemesis in a raucous frat led by Zac Efron and Dave Franco. ”It quickly becomes very personal,” Rogen says. ”There’s a lot of betrayal and emotions there.”

Not to mention a whole lot of filthy humor. ”Somehow we’ve broken new dick-joke ground,” says director Nicholas Stoller (The Five-Year Engagement). ”Given the people I’m working with, that’s kind of hard to accomplish, but we did it.” Rogen puts it this way: ”There were a lot of days on set where we’d be measuring which dildo to use in the scene and we’d just look over and be like, ‘This is the movie we’re making, huh?’ ‘Yup, this is a frat movie.”’ When it comes to the genre, a great dick joke is pretty much the alpha and omega.

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  • 94 minutes
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