By Sara Vilkomerson
April 11, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dane DeHaan undergoes an elaborate transformation from wealthy scion Harry Osborn, boyhood pal of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), into the unhinged Green Goblin. It took plenty of time, makeup, and costuming to physically create his character, but it also helped the actor prepare mentally. “When you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re in the suit and full-on Goblin makeup? You feel like a badass,” says DeHaan. “I look at myself and think, ‘Hell, yeah, I’m the Green Goblin! Let’s go do this.'” Here, he explains just how he went green.

1. Hairy Osborn
Every part of DeHaan’s appearance was carefully considered. “The way the hair swoops back is to honor the purple cap the Goblin wore in the comics.”

2. Suiting Up
It took DeHaan up to an hour to get into his 50-pound suit. “I literally had to be ratcheted in by three guys. It’s really a work of art.”

3. Going Green
DeHaan spent up to three and a half hours in makeup, working closely with director Marc Webb and the famed Weta Workshop in New Zealand. “We wanted to pay homage to the classic Green Goblin but still fit in this realistic world. I couldn’t look too much like a cartoon.”

4. Glide Ride
The Goblin’s glider is mostly CG. “They had me on a little crane and built the part around my feet.”

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  • PG-13
  • 142 minutes
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