Credit: Erik Heinila/TNT

King and Maxwell

TNT has greenlit 10 episodes for a series based on The Librarians franchise, slated to air in late 2014. The TV movies told the story of a group of extra special librarians who live beneath the Metropolitan Public Library in New York and safeguard mystical relics from forces of evil by slapping them with outrageous overdue fees. The plot is a messy stew of Indiana Jones, National Treasure, and Hell Boy …but the product is less than the sum of its parts.

Noah Wyle (Falling Skies, ER) will reprise his role as the big cheese librarian and will also executive produce. Rebecca Romijn will play Eve Baird, a sexy counter-terrorism agent who’s in charge of protecting the librarians. Shouldn’t be too hard since she’s fresh off the (canceled) show King & Maxwell, where she played a sexy former secret service agent. Potayto/Potahto. Other cast members include: Christian Kane (Leverage), Lindy Booth (Dawn of the Dead), John Kim (Neighbors), Matt Frewer (Orphan Black, Falling Skies), and John Larroquette (Deception). Also appearing from the movie trilogy will be Bob Newhart (The Big Bang Theory) and Jane Curtin (3rd Rock from the Sun).

TNT gives this very detailed plot synopsis, if you want to know more:

King and Maxwell
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