By Dalton Ross
April 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of ‘Survivor: Cagayan.’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start off with this hidden immunity idol clue that caused all the ruckus. The clue was hidden in Spencer’s napkin at the reward feast. Do you guys just place it in a napkin and whoever happens to sit there gets it so it is just a random luck of the draw situation? And seeing as how Spencer almost did not even open and use the napkin, have you ever had an instance where you hid a clue and nobody ever found it?

JEFF PROBST: Yes and Yes. In this case, we set up the reward and then they walk in and sit where they want. In fact, I think the woman serving them says “sit wherever you want” or something similar. It’s completely random. And yes, there are times they don’t find the clue. It’s rare but it happens. We don’t worry too much about it because the idols almost always end up being found and even when they aren’t found, players are so good at pretending they have one or making a fake one that they are always an element in the game.

EW: We know a player cannot steal someone else’s idol, but judging from what Woo did here, it seems swiping a clue is fair game, correct? And is there anything you love more than a mad hidden immunity idol scramble?

PROBST: Yes, you are correct. You may go through people’s personal items if they are silly enough to leave them unattended. It’s not that we encourage it so much as there just isn’t any way to stop it. As we always remind them, it’s their game. Their rules. I think Woo was just playing around trying to annoy Spencer and had no idea there was a clue tucked inside those pants. As for the idol hunt, that is probably the craziest idol hunt we’ve ever had. Every single person looking for the idol and shouting out information to each other and keeping tabs on each other. It was clearly a crazy situation. But what’s most impressive about that idol hunt is the camera coverage. Go back and watch it again. Our producers and camera crews were all over it, covering everybody from every angle and yet you never see another camera. That’s just great on the fly producing.

EW: Wow, people really did not like Morgan, who freely admitted to you that she is used to not having to work hard to get things because of her looks. After being around her at all those challenges and Tribal Councils, what was your take on both Morgan and her tribe’s reaction to her?

PROBST: I think first and foremost Morgan is a young woman who came into this game very open to having a good time and hopefully left feeling just as good. Morgan is everything she was portrayed to be, there is no denying her comments about being beautiful and thinking people might be envious of her beauty. And I can understand why she might have frustrated her tribe because they didn’t feel she was pulling her own weight around camp. All that is true. It’s also true that sometimes the experience on Survivor helps you grow and I think that might be the case with Morgan.

EW: Preview time! What can you tell us about next week, sir?

PROBST: In a season that has already flipped quite a few times — the game gets even more wicked. The message after the next tribal is — no, really… you can’t trust anybody!

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