By Andrea Towers
Updated April 10, 2014 at 06:21 PM EDT

Retro and propaganda posters, in all their stylistic glory, have long been a part of sci-fi and popular culture. And now, Star Wars is getting the treatment, with these awesome images from illustrator Russell Walks.

The posters were created as part of Lucasfilm and Topps trading cards, and while they’re not available for purchase, they’re still pretty cool. And the WWII inspired art isn’t exactly out of left field, either — Star Wars was inspired by a 1940s adventure serial and is ripe with the era’s undertones, most notably the conflict and struggle for good against a tyranny of evil that helped shape the iconic dichotomy of the entire saga.

The two posters depict a re-imagined design, and just like Uncle Sam says he wants YOU for the army, they play on the movies’ trademark line. The force is with us. Are YOU?