By Sandra Gonzalez
April 09, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

On Tuesday night’s Trophy Wife, Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) found herself channeling Olivia Pope in order to help Kate (Malin Ackerman) deal with a PTA problem.

EW had a sneak peek of the episode earlier this week, but even we couldn’t have predicted all the Scandal goodness peppered throughout the half-hour. So Wednesday morning, we decided to do a breakdown of every single reference.

It’s pretty safe to say the show’s homage to Olivia Pope and Associates was handled perfectly.

Silk pajamas and wine

Virginia Sherwood

Bowl of snack food. It should have been popcorn, since Olivia Pope would never risk getting powdered cheese on her silks — but I’ll excuse the oversight.

Marc Royce

“Tell me everything you know.”

Everett Collection

Scandal-paced instructions. My fave? “Claudia’s husband, look up Tony Goldwyn’s filmography online. I know he’s been in something, and it’s driving me crazy.”

Sleuthing. Kate was totally doing her best Season 1 Quinn.

“We need more.”

Informative close-ups.

The wall. (Mind you, with no dead bodies.)

Vivian Zink

Partially obstructed camera shots.

Adam Taylor

Gladiator trench. It doesn’t look Burberry, but it’ll do. Also, Claudia was the Abby. I don’t think there was a Huck, which was probably for the best. Torture doesn’t exactly scream “family comedy” to me.

The park bench meet-up

Christopher Lim

A dimly lit confrontation.

Martin Spelda

“It’s handled”

Jazzy snaps!

Did I miss any?