By Dalton Ross
April 09, 2014 at 02:41 PM EDT
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We all have our favorite clone on Orphan Black. For many, it is funky bisexual scientist Cosima. For others — like myself — stressed out soccer mom Alison gets top billing. And still others gravitate toward punk protagonist Sarah. But if you ask the woman who plays them all, Tatiana Maslany, who her favorite clone is lately, you’ll get a surprising answer: Rachel.

That’s right, the corporate pro-clone will play a major role in season 2, and when we caught up with Maslany on set during filming, she named Ms. Duncan as the one she is most amped about playing. “I love Rachel right now,” says Maslany. “I’m really excited about Rachel. She’s quite fun to play. The last episode we did with a director called Helen Shaver. It was her first time directing Orphan, and she’s an actor and an amazing woman. The episode was quite Rachel heavy and it was really great to do it with her because she just understood things on a level that just enlightened me as to who Rachel is and what’s underneath and where she could be coming from. She’s kind of a fascinating mystery to me.”

So how much of that mystery will be unraveled when season 2 premieres April 19 on BBC America? “Well, we definitely get to see more of her in her natural environment and in her power and in her vulnerability,” says Maslany. “We get to know her the same way we know the other clones. I was super excited about that because I was fascinated by the idea of her and we only got to see her briefly in season 1. And she’s now in the first episode right off the bat and heavy hitting, and she changes over the course of the season and she changes people. We just really get to know her and it’s quite fun.”

Maslany hints that it may take a while for Rachel to let her guard down and for viewers to get the full picture on just who this woman really is and what her true motivations are. “She’s not the kind of person that’s easy to chip away at,” says Maslany. “I think she’s got strong veneer and strong guards up and you start to see the layers underneath, but she’s not as open as any of the other clones. I think that puts people off at first, and it puts me off, too. It makes me hard to get into her, but in a great way. Somebody who blocks that much, who withholds that much, always has like a swamp somewhere in here, so it’s fun to play with that.”

Prepare to get a strong dose of Rachel Duncan when Orphan Black returns on April 19.

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