April 09, 2014 at 02:30 PM EDT

Once upon a time, Jon Hamm competed on a dating show — and lost. But although it happened back in 1995, the internet only found out about the incident recently. So when Craig Ferguson interviewed the Mad Men star on The Late Late Show Tuesday, he naturally used the opportunity to find out more about young Hamm’s foray into dating shows.

After watching the clip, in which Hamm promises his potential lady-friend “an evening of total fabulosity,” Ferguson asked if the woman picked Hamm. “Oh, no, she did not,” Hamm said. “Would you have picked me?”

Despite Hamm’s less-than-irresistible date idea, Ferguson was annoyed that Hamm didn’t get chosen (as were we). “I’m not,” Hamm chuckled. “Think of how the world could have changed.” Does this mean he would still have that hair if he had won? If so, we’re okay with his loss after all.

Watch the clip below:

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