By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated April 08, 2014 at 07:41 PM EDT

DirecTV customers will have The Weather Channel back on their lineup starting Wednesday.

The move comes nearly three months after the TV distributor dropped the channel after the two parties failed to reach a carrier agreement. The financial terms of their new contract were not disclosed, but in a release, The Weather Channel said they had “agreed to reduce reality programming by half” on weekdays.

Back in January, DirecTV and TWC announced that attempts to reach a new agreement had reached an “impasse” and that the channel would go dark for DirecTV customers.

During the heated discussions, both parties took jabs at one another, with TWC accusing DirecTV of replacing the network with a “cheap startup,” WeatherNation, and the carrier claimed TWC’s overabundance of reality programming was doing their audience a disservice. They seem to have buried the hatchet, however.

“Our apologies to DirecTV and their customers for the disruption of our service and for initiating a public campaign,” said David Kenny, CEO of The Weather Company, parent to The Weather Channel. “Our viewers deserve better than a public dispute, and we pledge to reward their loyalty with exceptional programming and more weather-focused news.”

Meanwhile, Dan York, DirecTV’s chief content officer, said it was a “shame” that the disputes carried out on a public stage, “but I’m pleased that we’ve been able to work together with The Weather Channel in a way that will benefit everyone.”