Defiance Season 2 Trailer
Credit: Syfy

Syfy’s first trailer for season 2 of its future-shock action drama Defiance teases sexy aliens, fighting, and some folks in scary masks.

New cast members include James Murray as Niles Pottinger (the new mayor), William Atherton as Viceroy Mercado (an Earth Republic official), and Anna Hopkins as Berlin (an Earth Republic soldier). Plus, we can reveal Linda Hamilton will guest star on the show as Pilar McCawley, Rafe’s (Graham Greene) estranged wife.

“Her character will simultaneously make you cry and scare the crap out of you,” Kevin Murphy teased of Hamilton’s character. While co-star Julie Benz said, “I think my response was … ‘Holy s–t. How the f–k did we get her’?”

Key lines: “The most we can hope for is what we want is worth the evil we do … “There’s something inside me, something dangerous…”

Season 2 of Defiance premieres June 19 at 8 p.m. on Syfy. Here’s your first trailer:

Sandra Gonzalez contributed to this report