By Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
Updated April 05, 2014 at 04:55 PM EDT
Robert Voets/The CW

Code blue! Code blue! Fox’s Rake needs an infusion of 4 million Nielsen viewers, stat!

Oh, hello there. As you can see, we’re in crisis mode here at Death Watch Memorial Hospital. It’s that time of year when broadcast networks must decide whether to save their weakest TV shows. While dozens of titles have already been renewed, there’s still plenty of patients in their beds, suffering from a chronic lack of popularity. Take CBS’ The Mentalist: after six seasons of Patrick Jane being right about everything, we’re still not sure he and his dreamy hair are going to make it another year. And then there’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which seemed touch and go for awhile, but now we’re confident Agent Coulson is going to pull through. If fact, we’re just about to make our rounds, so join us as we return to the TV’s version of an ICU (In Cheerless Uncertainty).

Robert Voets/The CW


How I Met Your Mother: Done and spun.

2 Broke Girls: RENEWED

Mike & Molly: RENEWED


Hostages: Nice CBS attempt to break out of its procedural drama grind, but it’s finished. CANCELLED



Person of Interest: RENEWED

Elementary: RENEWED

Survivor: RENEWED

Criminal Minds: RENEWED


The Big Bang Theory: RENEWED

The Millers: RENEWED

The Crazy Ones: Weakening in its new 9:30 p.m. slot. Right now, it’s still slightly more likely than not to return.

Two and a Half Men: RENEWED

Hawaii Five-0: RENEWED

Blue Bloods: RENEWED

The Amazing Race: RENEWED

The Good Wife: RENEWED

The Mentalist & Intelligence: Coin flip. Neither are performing well and both are on the bubble. The Mentalist is the older and more expensive of the two and considered just a tad less likely to continue.

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Sleepy Hollow: RENEWED



The Simpsons: RENEWED

MasterChef Junior: RENEWED

Bob’s Burgers: RENEWED

Family Guy: Will return.

The Following: RENEWED

Almost Human: While far from a lock, we’re hearing the network is leaning toward booting up robot cop drama for a second season.

Dads: Dead-ish.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: RENEWED

The Mindy Project: RENEWED.


American Idol: Coming back, despite the dire media headlines — especially with fans not throwing things at their TVs this cycle and The X Factor gone.

Raising Hope: CANCELED

Enlisted: Unlikely to re-enlist.

American Dad: Moving to TBS.

Rake: Get a shovel.

The X Factor: CANCELED.



The Bachelor: More wine and roses.

Dancing with the Stars: No plans to stop the music for at least one more cycle.

Castle: Currently enjoying its most-watched season (so yes).

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: This was on the fence for awhile. Now we’re hearing these heroes are going to get rescued.

The Goldbergs: This ’80s comedy shouldn’t go out of style.

Trophy Wife: Not as likely as Goldbergs, but ABC really likes this one.

The Middle: The family will stay intact.

Suburgatory: It’s not a beautiful day in this neighborhood.

Super Fun Night: Last call.

The Taste: A big maybe.

Grey’s Anatomy: Seattle Grace Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital will stay open.

Modern Family: Strong as oak.

Scandal: No shocking twist this season; Fitz and Liv will be back.

Nashville & Revenge: Considered “DVR hits.” Yup, that’s a thing now. Will likely return.

Last Man Standing: Against the tide because ABC doesn’t own it.

The Neighbors: With the tide because ABC owns it.

Shark Tank: Perfect Friday show and all-around utility player and recently hit a record high.

Once Upon a Time: Storybrooke has more tales to tell.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: CANCELED

Betrayal: ABC wants to forget this torrid affair ever happened.

Resurrection: Off to a good start.

Mind Games: CANCELED

Mixology: Still too soon to call.



The Blacklist: RENEWED

The Voice: Definitely.

The Biggest Loser: Will squeeze into another season.

Chicago Fire: RENEWED


Revolution: Tough call. It’s owned by a rival studio, which doesn’t help. Perhaps a 13-episode season?

Law & Order: SVU: Should coast into another under-the-radar renewal.

Parks and Recreation: Certainly.

Community: Probably, though its recent numbers aren’t helping.

The Michael J. Fox Show: Not CANCELED officially.

Sean Saves the World: CANCELED.

Parenthood: Modestly heroic numbers against strong competition with almost no lead-in. Will definitely return for another generation.


Hannibal: This could be its last supper (at least, on NBC).

Dracula: Probably won’t rise again, yet NBC isn’t count-count-counting it out.

Believe: So far, so not good…

About a Boy: Definitely.

Growing Up Fisher: Too early still; probably better-than-even odds.

Crisis: With that title and those ratings, it’s more like Identity Crisis.

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The CW

Supernatural: RENEWED


The Vampire Diaries: RENEWED.

The Originals: RENEWED.


The 100: Still too early to say, but looking pretty good so far.

Now we come to The CW’s five bubble shows, none of which are doing well — not even okay — in the ratings. But the net can’t cancel five dramas between now and the end of the season; it creates too many holes. And there are other factors besides ratings — like streaming popularity, show cost, and ownership. We’re pretty confident Hart of Dixie will return. We’re also pretty confident The Carrie Diaries will not. The three in between we’d rank in the following order, from most to least likely to return: Beauty and the Beast, Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People.