By Samantha Highfill
Updated April 04, 2014 at 02:53 PM EDT

The evolution of commercials is semi-fascinating: First, they were this exciting new way to advertise stuff. Then they became the annoying interruptions during your favorite television shows. And now that they live in a world of DVRs and fast-forwarding, they’ve had to get even more creative.

Recently, quite a few ads have chosen to take a stand on a number of world issues. There was that multilingual Coke ad, which received decidedly mixed reviews, as well as the Cheerios commercial that depicted a multiracial family. After that one received (more than) a little hate, Cheerios chose to run in again, but this time during the Super Bowl. That’s right, folks: Commercials are no longer backing down.

And the latest addition to the Commercial Army, as I just decided to call it, is Honey Maid. After a Honey Maid commercial titled “This is Wholesome” celebrated all types of families — gay, straight, multiracial, etc. — the company received a mixture of hate mail and letters of support. But instead of throwing all those messages away, they decided to make another commercial to reinforce one very simple idea: Love.

Watch Honey Maid’s counterargument of a commercial below: