Despite his love of taxidermy and a very close relationship with his mother, Norman Bates still somehow finds time for a little romance. And during the last episode of Bates Motel, he took his relationship with Cody to the next level. However, we’ve got an exclusive look at Monday’s episode, in which Cody and Norman’s next hangout quickly turns dangerous when her father comes home early. And things only get worse when a memory forces Norman into his darkest state.

But before we get to the clip, we talked with Paloma Kwiatkowski, who plays Cody, about the clip, what’s next for Cody, and more:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Cody and Norman are hanging out again in this clip, so are they together now? What is their relationship at this point?

PALOMA KWIATKOWSKI: I think the two of them see it a little differently themselves. I think they’re friends, but they’re hanging out, and they’re figuring this thing out together. I think Cody sees it as far more casual than Norman does, but obviously she still likes him, she still sees a connection, and she still wants to help him out. She still wants to come take him out and show him a good time [because] he’s still always stressing all the time.

She’s one of the few people who has seen him experience one of his blackouts, and the end of this clip is Norman slipping back into that state. So what can you tell me about what comes after this clip?

Cody sees him slip into the black out. She can see him, and he’s not responding to her, and you’ll see how much Cody has to deal with him in a blackout, and how she deals with snapping him out and making sure he’s okay and that he doesn’t harm anyone again. Because that’s what we learned a couple weeks ago, that when he goes into his blackouts, he can get a little violent.

Is Cody scared of this other side of Norman?

Definitely. She’s 100 percent scared. Like she said, she’s never seen anyone go into a hole like that. It’s a scary thing to see someone who’s physically there but just mentally, he’s nowhere to be seen, and he’s not responding to her, and he does things and says things that aren’t him. And that obviously freaks her out, but she cares for him, and she wants to be there for him, and she wants to help him through this but she doesn’t exactly know how.

Cody’s father clearly plays a big role in this clip, so are we going to dive further into Cody’s relationship with her father this season?

Yeah I think we’ll definitely be able to see why Cody never wants to be home and why she’s always spending nights in a tree house and running away. I think we learn that Norman should’ve listened to his mother’s advice and stayed away from Cody because she’s got a lot of baggage and she’s got a lot of trouble behind her.

I know another big tease for this episode is a confrontation between Norma and Norman. Norma clearly doesn’t like Cody, so what can you tell me about this Norma-Cody tension and how it affects the rest of their world?

We’ll definitely see Norma and Cody speak again. I think the interesting thing about Cody and Norma interacting is that Norma kind of had the same sort of childhood in the sense where she was also abused, and we learned last week that Cody gets beat at home, and so it’s interesting that Norma tells Norman that she’s trouble and “you should stay away from her” even though Norma and Cody have more similarities than she thinks.

In general, talking about Cody’s arc for the rest of the season, what’s coming up for her? Is there any episode or moment you’re most looking forward to fans seeing?

I definitely was really excited about Monday’s episode when we got to see Cody take Norman up to the tree house because it turned out way differently than I had imagined, watching that moment and seeing how soft Cody really was. And I think that’s a really cool thing because you see a lot of Cody being tough and Cody taking a lot and running away, but we don’t see a lot of her being there with Norman and being able to care for him.

So are we going to see more of her softer side?

Definitely. I think Cody’s just warming up to Norman.

Just in terms of this next episode as a whole, I know another element is Emma potentially putting herself in danger, so what can you tease about what Emma’s up to?

Well, you’re going to get to see Emma and Cody interact a lot more. You’re going to see her really stand up for Emma, because everyone always treats Emma like she’s a piece of glass, like she can’t do anything for herself, and Cody’s a strong woman who believes that everyone can take care of themselves, so you’ll see Cody stand up for her.

Watch our exclusive clip from the next episode below:

Bates Motel airs Monday night at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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