By Amber Ray
Updated April 03, 2014 at 02:57 PM EDT
Credit: Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC

Russian president Vladimir Putin is seeking advice from Sarah Palin. At least, Jimmy Fallon’s Putin wants to hear what the “mama grizzly” has to say.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon mentioned the current tensions in Ukraine, and the recent phone call President Obama had with Putin over Russia’s attempted takeover of Crimea. Little did we know, but there was also a second phone conversation, one between Putin and someone who had predicted his invasion of Ukraine back in 2008: Palin.

In Tonight‘s “exclusive video” of the chat, Fallon’s Putin rings up the former governor of Alaska for advice on which nation to invade next. The sketch hits all the running Palin gags — there’s a you betcha joke, and jabs at her kids’ offbeat names and her Tina Fey’s infamous claim that Palin can see Russia from her house — but the ex-politician gamely plays along.

Oh, but the Democrats get theirs, too — there’s a pretty good send-up of the NSA phone-tapping scandal, and a joke at the expense of Obama’s unfortunate taste in jeans. Take a look:

Palin’s appearance in part was to promote her new series, Amazing America, premiering tonight at 8 ET on The Sportsman Channel.

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