Russell Bobbitt
Credit: CHRIS BEYER for EW
Russell Bobbitt
Credit: CHRIS BEYER for EW

Marvel’s secret weapon is the man who makes them: propmaster Russell Bobbitt.

Now at work on his sixth film for Marvel Studios, Bobbitt builds the objects that save (and sometimes threaten to destroy) the world: Thor’s hammer. Iron Man’s glowing ARC reactor. Captain America’s vibranium shield.

Among the countless objects he supplied for this Friday’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bobbitt crafted 46 different shields of various levels of flexibility and style, constantly refreshing and repainting those that were damaged in stunts or fight scenes throughout the three-month production. He has previously worked on all three Iron Man films, Thor, and is currently assembling gear for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man.

“My job is to acquire, design, engineer, and manufacture everything that the actor touches in the film,” says Bobbitt, an industry veteran of 30 years. “The weapons, the guns, that’s all me. If there’s a food scene, I gotta design the food, or if you’re wearing a watch or eyeglasses, that’s me too, basically.” Bobbitt and his team of about 120 staffers supply thousands of props per movie, among them those iconic “MacGuffins” — the objects that thrust the plot of the movie forward: (e.g. the Casket of Ancient Winters in Thor, seen in the image above behind his right elbow).

In the video below, Bobbitt opens the doors to Marvel’s top secret storage warehouse to show EW some of his most famous creations…

After showing us some of the superhero tools, Bobbitt took an even deeper dive into armored world of the Marvel universe to explore some of his other mechanisms of mayhem. (Hephaestus would be proud.)

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