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Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Don’t f— with Samuel L. Jackson and his choice to star in 2006 action-thriller Snakes on a Plane. The actor sat down with Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean on Wednesday for a SiriusXM Town Hall to not only defend the infamous film, but discuss his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is released nationwide Friday.

“I still choose movies because they are movies I would go see when I was a kid,” Jackson said in the interview. “So when people criticize Snakes on a Plane, I go, well, you know, ‘F— you,’ you know? That’s one of the movies I would have gone to see as a kid, and I am definitely glad to see me in it.”

Jackson made clear his immense desire to be in the film, recalling how the instant he heard about the plot of poisonous snakes on a plane he said, “Oh sh–, I want to be in that.” He made his friend Ronny Yu (who at the time was attached to direct) call New Line, and he landed the job.

As far as other types of roles in his future, the actor said he doesn’t have “any rom-com fantasies and sh– like that.” But he conceded that his role in the Star Wars prequel trilogy fulfilled one of his desires as an actor. “I used to want to swing from ship to ship with a dagger in my mouth and cut motherf—ers’ heads off, but I got a lightsaber, so I am good.”

Listen to the clip below to hear Jackson use even more expletives and discuss what other movie roles he still wants to play.

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