By Ariana Bacle
Updated April 02, 2014 at 03:45 PM EDT
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After personal photos of Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy leaked online, rumors surfaced that Nickelodeon was canceling the show — a hit spinoff that’s drawn big ratings for the kid-centric channel. (An hourlong special that reunited various characters from Sam & Cat‘s precedessors, Victorious and iCarly, was watched by an audience of 4.8 million in January.)

Nickelodeon, however, says these whispers aren’t true. According to the network, Sam & Cat is simply taking a scheduled production hiatus.

“We are wrapping up what was an unusually long production cycle of Sam & Cat, and everyone is understandably tired,” a Nickelodeon rep said in a statement. (Sam & Cat‘s mammoth first season numbers 40 full episodes.) “We are going into our production hiatus next week which will give everyone on the show a much-needed rest.”

The next episode of Sam & Cat is scheduled to air April 12 on Nickelodeon.

Sam & Cat

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